BitTube reshapes how web monetization should work.

Browse privately, ad free and support every publisher you visit. Your time powers the new attention economy without compromise.

BitTube reshapes how web monetization should work.

Ad free expirience


Earn Money & Support Publishers

AirTime rewards you and the publisher while browsing the web. Reward any website, social account and creator with your time and donations.

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Block Ads & Tracking

Browse ad free and carefree with no worries about hurting a publisher’s revenue. AirTime monetizes every website and social account you visit.


Reward your favorite creators

AirTime monetizes all content based on watch time. The extension embeds ‘Donate TUBEs’ buttons for instant donations on supported platforms.


Privacy & Security

Browse with confidence. We are not in the data business. The BitTube Browser is open source. You can fully customize your shield settings.


Link It, Monetize It

Link your websites and social accounts to your BitTube account. Earn money when other BitTubers watch your content!

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Take your wallet with you

Independence from payment providers. Be your own Bank.

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