How it works

A single dashboard for managing your income from websites and apps you maintain. The AirTime module is able to reward you based on the session times from your non-BitTube guest visitors. Invite your guests into the BitTube ecosystem to maximize your earnings.

Follow these three easy steps and start enjoying the benefits of AirTime today.

1. Install BitTube extension

Add the extension to your preferred browser. Sign up and open the “Links” tab. Link your social accounts and website(s) here.

2. Give a name to your website, platform or app

Register your platform with the AirTime module here. Define a unique name to help identify your wallet for the installed module. Add as many domains as you like.

3. Get your custom code

You will receive a code with instructions. No coding skills required. Just copy and paste the code in your HTML body and AirTime will do the rest.

Tube Pay API & AirTime Module

You can use our API to set up products for sale via the AirTime Module, as an additional way to generate revenue from your users. With the module you can also easily place donate buttons on your page that allow the user to donate whatever amount they want.



Harness the power of blockchain and generate income from the most valuable resource – your visitors’ attention and session times. New to AirTime module? Find out if you’ve been visited by an BitTube extension user already!

App integration

Deploy frictionless in-app purchases and in-game currency. Foster user acquisition, interaction and engagement via instant transactions.

Paywall functionality

Provide on-demand content and subscription-based pages of your website with frictionless access. Focus on delivering quality content with great user experiences.


With the BitTube AirTime Module, you are in full control of your online revenue while being able to provide an ad-free experience to your visitors.

Independent from payment providers

BitTube is blockchain based. Therefore, you are the sole proprietor of the generated funds, which you are free to transact and exchange anywhere, or convert into local currency.

Ad-free user experience

Unleash your creativity with clean and ad-free web design that pleases your visitors. Attract new users from within the BitTube ecosystem.

No prerequisites

Start earning from the very first visit on your website, independent from ad networks and advertiser policies. Earnings are fair worldwide, only based on AirTime.

Get closer to your audience

Receive direct donations and subscriptions from your most loyal users. Protect your work and provide content access on demand.

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