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Browser extension

  • Rewards your active time online.
  • Rewards the websites and content creators you watch.
  • Link your social profiles to monetize them.
  • Send donations to publishers.
  • Buy TUBEs directly with fiat or cryptocurrency.
  • Convert your earnings to local currency.

Browse smarter with BitTube

The BitTube Browser respects your time and rewards your attention.

Enjoy ad-free, private and secure browsing with BitTube.

BitTube Wallets

Manage multiple BitTube wallet addresses in one place. Available for mobile and desktop.
The BitTube Mobile Wallet is user friendly and secure. You can manage both your offline and online wallets by connecting to your AirTime account.


The BitTube GUI Wallet for desktop has extended functionality and features integrated mining software. Recommended for advanced users.

You are responsible for securing your private keys. In the event that you lose your private keys/seed, it is outside of BitTube’s control to recover your wallet.

WebTorrent-powered video sharing platform is our new video sharing platform and is still in development. It is powered by ActivityPub and WebTorrent, based on PeerTube’s open source code. These technologies are censorship resistant by design. has real-time content monetization using our AirTime plugin for PeerTube, which does not rely on ads or third parties.

Airtime Module

Want to monetize your website? The AirTime Module rewards you based on the active time of your visitors. This applies to non-BitTube guests that don’t have the AirTime extension. These guests generate less AirTime than visitors with the AirTime extension. You can stake TUBEs to increase the counted AirTime from your guests. Your AirTime revenue benefits most from converting guests to BitTube users. What’s more, your visitors can then access their BitTube wallet and send you donations using the Module on your website.

Easy and instant global micropayments

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WooCommerce Payment Gateway

Add BitTube payments to your WordPress store using our payment gateway plugin. Link it to your BitTube account and start accepting fast and commission-free payments. Allows for automatic conversion from local currency to TUBE based on real-time exchange rates.

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